Product Features & Quality

Where are your signs manufactured?

All His Signs plaques/signs are produced in Canada. We source our products domestically, and every order is hand crafted in our local Ontario, Canada facility.

How are your signs made, and will they last?

Our signs are made from the highest quality materials and are approved for indoor use. They are made on-site by hand, and a great amount of care and attention is given throughout the process. Each sign is antiqued in a unique way, leaving no two signs exactly alike. They are then finished with a non-yellowing varnish for lasting protection. Unlike decals that are generally for one-time usage, our signs are made to last for generations to come.

Are your signs made ready to hang?

The majority of our signs are made with a keyhole slot in the back, to easily slide it over a screw head and hang flush to the wall. Our larger pine signs have a wire attached to the back for easy hanging. If you wish, our signs could just lean against a shelf or sit on a cabinet or other piece of furniture.

What colours and fonts are available?

We offer a variety of colours and fonts to choose from.

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Do the colours displayed on your website accurately depict the colours of the signs?

“Due to many contributing factors, we cannot guarantee that the colours displayed on the website will exactly match the colour of the product. There are many variables which can change the way you “see” the colours as you view our site. Due to many contributing factors, we cannot guarantee that the colours displayed on the website will exactly match the colour of the product. We do use an actual photograph of signs that we have done with specified colours to produce the picture, and we take every effort to display it accurately. However, every computer monitor is different, and unfortunately there are sometimes discrepancies. If you aren’t sure, please talk to us about it.

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How do I choose a sign when there are so many choices?

We recommend that you pray about it, “…for your Father knows what you need before you ask him.” (Matthew 6:8). Also, have a look at the signs that we have on our site already, as these have been some of the most popular signs that we have sold. Lastly, we can do any Bible verse that you choose, so keep that in mind as you read God’s Word, for He can direct you like no one else can.

Ordering Process

Do you accept international orders?

Yes, we accept international orders, but they are not available by default in our e-commerce system. We ask that you please contact us first so that we can calculate shipping costs. After shipping costs are calculated and agreed upon, we can set up your account to allow the international order. Thank you for understanding.


When will my order arrive?

In general, we ask that you allow at least 2-3 weeks for delivery, especially for products that say, “Available on backorder”.

How will my order arrive?

The sign will be securely packaged into a cardboard box and adequately protected. If you purchase more than one sign, they will be shipped together in the same box.

What if something happens to my order en-route?

We will be glad to send you a new sign in the event that damage occurs. Please speak with us if this is the case as soon as your sign arrives so that we can correct that problem as soon as possible.